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Manga is the Japanese word for comics and in the West it refers to comics of Japanese origin or created in the Japanese style. Manga has gained a dedicated following worldwide and there are Manga events, awards, blogs, and more in countries like the US, UK, France, South Korea, China, and Taiwan. 
Morticella Online Manga Comics are a creation of an Italian web artist. These Manga Comics are Free and are available in English, Italian, and Spanish. Read on to find out more about the Manga Comics by Morticella.

Unhappy School Online Manga Comics 

Unhappy School is an Online Manga Comics that is updated daily. Follow Professor Ra and his class of unhappy school kids as the professor tries to teach the class and keep them in order.
To know more about the characters of Unhappy School please visit Unhappy School Characters. You can follow Unhappy School on either MorticellaSquidoo, and Facebook.

Manga H Online Manga Comics 

Manga H is another series of Web Comics by Morticella. Follow Manga H on Morticella and find out whether Manga H is a Hero or an Imbecile. 

Learn How to Draw Manga 

If you enjoy reading Manga Comics and would like to learn how to draw Manga characters - Morticella can help you. Check out her Drawing Manga Characters - Videos, and Squidoo Lens How to Draw Manga Characters to master the art of Manga Drawing.

Other Goodies by Morticella
Apart from Free Online Manga Comics and lessons on drawing Manga Characters - Morticella has some other cool goodies as well for the visitors. 

The Artworks section showcases beautiful artwork by this talented artist. Some of the pieces have been showcased at different art festivals and galleries. 

The SEO Tools on Morticella are helpful if you would like to analyze and improve the search engine rankings of your online blog posts, articles, Squidoo Lenses, Hubs, etc.

There is also a cool collection of Free Android Apps to help you increase your productivity and have fun.

Check out Morticella's Shop if you are interested in purchasing Artworks, T-Shirts, and Toys by this emerging Manga Artist. Morticella also offers affordable and effective SEO services.

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