The Squidojo's community is growning

I'm seeing the squidojo community growning I'm so happy.

I'm waiting for new topics, new queries, new members

Special thanks @darciefrench

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Welcome in the forum of the Dojo

Thanks to joined Squidojo.

We're ready for this adventure and are you ?
19/06/11 06:31:18



29/06/11 08:24:43

I'd like to say thank you to everyone is working on the dojo, I'm working too and I hope to delivery a great tool for the community

Morticella The dream that balances the nightmare ...

Elizabeth Steed


29/06/11 04:49:57

Hi everyone! It's great to be here. I'm working hard on building my dojos. Thank you Morticella for having this great site!




29/06/11 04:48:30

Hi, everyone! I'm here and I don't have a clue what to do next! But then that's pretty much the story of my life, so I'll figure it out eventually.




28/06/11 09:59:42

@Linda I wish that Squidojo will be a good haven, It's hard but We're working on it besides I'm really proud to have you here.

@karmichristian If you need some help or anything please ask me.

Morticella The dream that balances the nightmare ...

Linda Hahn


28/06/11 07:14:09

Hello Morticella! It's Linda looking for a safe haven.




28/06/11 07:07:53

Thank you to Morticella and Darcie. I am in!


Darcie French


27/06/11 00:28:11

The community is growing - I see lots of new members making dojos - sweet.



26/06/11 00:42:18

Hi Everybody I'm Kenny




25/06/11 12:58:45

I wish too and remember that now you can set you forum sign for the more backlinks ;p see u around

Morticella The dream that balances the nightmare ...

Darcie French


25/06/11 11:42:14

Thank-you for your support Morticella - I wish all the best for everyone.



20/06/11 01:03:43

@darcie french thank you again for your support

Morticella The dream that balances the nightmare ...



20/06/11 00:45:02

I hope that the community will grow fast. I need to work a lot on it but I'm confident that "We Can"

Morticella The dream that balances the nightmare ...

Lizzie Humphreys


20/06/11 00:36:58

Yay! The forum is open! Nice to see that there are 24 members of the dojo now, I'm glad to be part of it!


Darcie French


19/06/11 22:08:53

Hi Morticella, it's nice to be here. Many thanks for the services you are offering.


Lensmasters Tips by Morticella

more than 100 thumbs up on this lens I hink there's a reason

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Lensmasters Advanced Tips

For the smarter and more experienced lensmasters, this lens will probably be useless. However, for the newer lensmasters, this is a great chance for them to improve their lensmaking and SEO skills..

So, we're ready to start this lens!

Squidojo build your Dojo

News from Squidojo

News form Squidojo :

  1. Graphic improved
  2. New Dojo with connection between all author's dojos
  3. Points System improved and It is all fun
  4. Forum improved
  5. Now you can add you Amplify Profile
  6. Now you can add your sign in the forum 
Cooming Soon

  1. Improvement of the mailing system
  2. Forget Password
  3. Best Dojo of the month contest
  4. Best Master of the month contest
  5. SEO tips area
  6. Improvement of the Club system
Please contact me for any query.

Building a Community


I'm working hard on the Squidojo project and despite I've almost finished the development of the first version I'm really scared about the future of this project.

How to build a community ?

Build a community is very hard and there's only one way to build one : Common Aim

Why I'm scared ?

The common aim of Squidojo should be get traffic with and even earn money with but use Squidojo properly could be hard for the average user who is not familiar with seo stuff.

The Squidojo community ?

We're 26 members in the dojo but the actives ones are only 2 : Me and Darcie French

What for ?

I think that maybe the lensmasters are too busy to dedicate time to squidojo and to build dojos and their aims are in the squidoo community and It's unreasonable suppose that they will choice squidojo instead of squidu then I'll looking for pro users and agencies that need it for their work however in this case the problem is that Squidojo is too new and It have not a pagerank.

Is there a way out ?

My solution is to find out 5 - 10 pioneers by advertising every month, I'm quite sure that It will be very hard. On the other hand I am not worried of failure [It's natural to lose sometimes in the life] and I'll do my best to reach my aim.

Please, Point out my grammar mistakes you'll improve my knowledge. Thanks

Squidojo - The social Boost - Advanced SEO


Squidojo is a brand new site where to build Dojos.

What is a dojo ?

A dojo is a page where you can set every SEO values, you can customize :

  • Meta Tag Title

  • Meta Tag Description

  • Meta Tag Keywords

  • Meta Tag Authors

  • Meta Tag Language

  • Tag H1

  • Tag H2

  • Tag H3

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